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Clients Question: Will purchasing a more expensive soccer shoes improve my overall play?
SPORTSTAT Solution: Referring to the SPORTSTAT case study research "Price-Performance Nexus: Influence of Son Heung Min’s Soccer Shoes Price Variation on His Premier League Performance," price of soccer shoes and the level of performance has a low correlation. Therefore, no.
Clients Question: Which specific area will our volleyball team need a practice and what will be our optimal scoring route?
SPORTSTAT Solution: Research suggests that the team loses most point through serve receives. The optimal socring route will be through many serve aces and hitters increasing their spikes' accuracy, which also contributes to the team losing points.
Clients Question: What should our baseball team do to gain more points on a game?
SPORTSTAT Solution: According to the SPORTSTAT research "Revealing the Driving Force: Analyzing the Primary Factor Influencing KBO Batters to Achieve a Batting Average Exceeding 0.300," the height of the batters were highly correlated with batting average. Therefore, one potential strategy would be placing tall batters at number 3, 4, and 5.
Clients Question: What additional scoring routes can our boys basketball team have and what should we do to do better than our friendly odd matches?
SPORTSTAT Solution: Analyzing the two friendly odd matches of the basketball team, it was found that the team was especially weak on defending the opponents' running shots and layups. Practicing defending the two score routes will help to increase the overall defense statistics of the team. Also, the team appeared to be having good shooters according to the high success rate of the team's free throw. Therefore, shots inside the box and even three pointers can be potential scoring routes for the team.